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Who We Are in Santa Clara

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A & A Inc. All Temporary provides temporary employment to residents of Santa Clara and nearby cities, including San Jose, Fremont, Milpitas, Campbell, Mountain View, Palo Alto, and several big cities and small towns. Our experienced team of experts can help individuals find work in all Major Industries, Including Manufacturing, Production, Semiconductor, Engineering, IT, Light Industrial, Administrative, Accounting, Mortgage Banking, and many others. Our temporary jobs can be a few weeks, months, or on a contract basis, with the goal being to help you eventually find full-time, long term employment through one of the connections we build for you. Check back soon for more info, about what we do for our successful, satisfied clients.

Employee Testimonials....Successful Journey's....

“This is one of the best Temp agency's in the South Bay Area!!!! I have had the best experience with A&A's staff. They went above and beyond to make sure I had the job I wanted. I've been working for the same company now for several months and happy to be there. Thank you A&A for being part of my journey, I Definitely recommend A&A for anyone looking for employment.”
~Johnny A., San Jose CA
“Tuve una excelente experiencia con A&A All Temps. Ellos me permitieron trabajar con diferentes personas en puestos de trabajo varía. Me ayudaron a conseguir un trabajo a tiempo completo con beneficios pagados. Me sentí como parte de su familia tan pronto de empecé a trabajar con All Temps. Volvería a recomendable que cualquier persona a All Temps que esté buscando un trabajo o está buscando un mejor trabajo. Antes de trabajar con All Temps trabajé manipulación de los alimentos pero con la ayuda de All Temps me contrataron para Con una posición de almacén y creyeron en mí y me consiguió trabajo permanente. Gracias All TEMPS.”!
~Damien A., Santa Clara,CA
“Hello my fellow Yelpers!!! I’ve been with this company for 6 months. This Temp agency tops all others!!! The staff is very professional. They will meet your standards and beyond! Their also very family oriented. They helped to employ me when I needed it the most! I’m still in the same company and I LOVE IT! A&A ALL TEMPS IS YOUR ONE STOP SPOT FOR PROFESSIONALS! THANKS A MILLION TIMES AGAIN!!!”
~David E., San Jose,CA
“Working for A&A All Temporary has truly been a life-changing experience for me they're a professional staff. It has a mom-and- pop business feel that gives you that personal attention that you just don't find with the corporate agencies I am truly grateful for the staff @ A&A All Temporary and I promise you will too.”
~Ricardo R., San Jose,CA
"As an Administrative Support Contractor with All Temps, I have been well taken care of with many professional opportunities and experiences. In the caring hands of All Temps Staff and Management, I have been encouraged and appreciated for my work and effort."
~Tara S., Palo Alto, CA
(408) 436-8333|| 1400 Coleman Ave, Suite H 12, Santa Clara, California 95050